White River 2019

After missing a year, the wife and I made it back to one of our favorite places, the White River. Specifically the tailwaters below Beaver Dam.

We don’t exactly rough it like I do most of my solo river trips. We usually rent a RV site for a few nights and set up camp. Long days on the river followed by charging our devices and getting a hot shower is a nicety I appreciate the older I get.

This year we got there and squared away our site. The generation schedule called for swifter water after noon, but the mornings it was perfect.

First nights dinner was my famous chili. No matter how good it tastes at home, it always blows me away on the river.

We got out on the river pretty early the next day. Stephanie paddled and relaxed while I set forth to catching fish. The tailwaters are stocked, but aside from the stockers there are some really fantastic fish. You can see the size and power of the bigger rainbow trout in the gin clear water, and although I didn’t hook any big ones I definitely saw some 20+ inchers cruising around. The Brook trout are healthy and fight like crazy for their size.

The scenery is amazing. Lots of tall bluffs and some low banks.

The first two days were great, but the night of the second day turned pretty bad very quickly. With a cold front stalling just north of us we had sever storms training over us for hours. I’ve camped in foul weather before, but never with near continuous cloud to ground lightning strikes with thunder booming before the dark reclaimed the night. Our rain fly gave out at 2:30am so I got out and strapped a spare tarp on top of the tent.

The next morning we were greeted by a very persistent soaking rain and I made breakfast under an improvised camp kitchen.

With an ever darkening weather forecast, we decided to head into nearby Eureka Springs to do some shopping and find a warm and dry spot for a coffee.

Eureka Springs is a gorgeous town with a very interesting history.

As the day wore on, so did the incoming weather reports. The rain wasn’t due to move out anytime soon, so we decided to go pack up camp and head back to Oklahoma a day early. We had an amazing time as always, and can’t wait to go back next year.

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